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"Always be a student." It’s the principle that keeps us relevant in a constantly evolving community. We’ve dedicated ourselves to being ardent pupils of the industry, freely sharing what we’ve learned so that we can all work smarter.

Expect the Unexpected

by Tia Johnston

From the moment I stepped out of the elevator on my first day at Stone Ward, I was caught by surprise to see multi-colored walls and artwork. I know people who have gone through the Camp Reality before and thought I had a general idea of what to expect — but I was wrong.

Three Times to Say “Yes” in Work and Life

by Peyton Ellis

As a Camp Reality intern, a phrase I’ve heard many times around Stone Ward is “we don’t say ‘no’ too much.”

In one way, this phrase means saying “yes” to taking on obligations, meeting clients’ needs and helping co-workers. It means getting a job done well and on time with a positive attitude.

Social Video Viral Trends

by Jasmine Conley

Let’s venture back in time…a time that was much simpler. A time before Facebook ruled the world. The time is 2013. Believe it or not, social media hasn’t always been a thing, but viral video trends have always been a social media favorite. 

Building Good at Our House

by Rachel Ruddell

Being “good” at Stone Ward is just part of the culture. In work, in life and in service, employees are seeking to build good all around them. Through Camp Reality, I have been exposed to many good things. But, out of all the good moments I have experienced, my favorite has been serving a meal at Our House.

Camp Reality: My Summer in the Real World

by Peyton Ellis

College students like myself often regard the real world as a bleak, daunting place where there is all work and no play. It is the place we never thought we would reach, yet here we are, standing at its doorstep.

Camp Reality has taught me to go right ahead and knock on that door.

Food for Thought - Behind the Scenes of the Babybel Sculptures

by Tia Johnston

As cliche as the title sounded, I thought it was pretty apropos for the subject of creativity. Creativity is defined as the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena and to generate solutions. Notice that the definition doesn’t state how creativity is achieved, just that it is an ability — one that we all have since we are able to think (hopefully).

Stone Ward: The Best Place to Work

by Jack Thomas

12 years.

12 years is a long time. In fact, 12 years is the average time a person spends at work during their lifetime. For many, an office isn’t the ideal place to spend so much time, but what if I told you something that could make it better?

Five Brain Boosts That Increase Productivity

by Emily Raine

It happens to everyone. You’ve got a full to-do list to check off, yet you can’t seem to get anything done – or at least do anything well. While this situation can feel desperate, you’re often only a few minutes away from a renewed, refreshed focus. All you need is a brain boost.