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Making Content Marketing Work For You

by Emily Reeves

I was invited to present today at the monthly meeting for the Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI) of Arkansas. The topic of conversation was content marketing: what is it, how to approach it, what to expect and where to put it. Content marketing is the hot topic for marketers in 2014.

Digital News November: 30 Days In 30 Minutes

by Emily Reeves

Every month, I give a presentation to my colleagues with the latest news in digital communications in under 30 minutes. Here is November’s presentation; it includes news about thumb buttons, bitcoin, Ron Burgandy, Conan O’Brien and LinkedIn.

The Makeup of an Effective Infographic

by Emily Reeves

Infographics continue to increase in popularity for organizations to communicate data. And this is with good reason: humans process information and remember information better when it is displayed visually. At the heart of inforgraphics though, is a good story. Collecting data and visualizing it is just a part of the creation process; every graphic should tell a story.

Extend Your Content Marketing to Paid Media

by Debra Reid

Everyone is talking about content marketing these days.  I read articles and blogs almost daily on the subject.  It has become a very important part of marketing and advertising campaigns.

To Test Or Not To Test?

by Emily Reeves

It is a trick question. The answer is always “to test.” There is only one answer when there is a question about website design, features and increasing conversion rates: test it.

Digital Whitepaper: Optimizing Your YouTube Channel

by Emily Reeves

Video content is increasingly becoming important to brands trying to be seen online and engage with customers beyond the point-of-sale. YouTube is the second most used search engine behind Google, which happens to own YouTube. This digital whitepaper will provide guidance for optimizing your YouTube channel and leveraging your video content to drive engagement with your target audiences.

Five Favorites from #SMWChicago

by Jillian Oyler

And by favorites, I mean the tweets that I’ve “starred” on Twitter during Social Media Week Chicago’s #SMWChicago feed to reference later because they sparked some sort of reaction from me – which brings me to my first favorite.

Digital Campaign Idea Starters: September

by Emily Reeves

Every month at Stone Ward, we gather interesting digital creative campaigns from around the world and share them with each other as idea starters for our own work. Here are the things we found in September that we really loved.