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Seven Things We Can Learn From Taylor Swift on Reputation Management

by Liz Hamilton

Reputation management isn’t easy, but powerhouse business woman, Taylor Swift, does it best. Here are seven things we can learn from Taylor’s reputation management.

The Value of Shared Values

by Lindsey Ingram

Did you know that the now 20-34-year old population, also known as Millennials, has become the largest share of the U.S. labor market? Surprisingly, it’s true. So as the Baby Boomer generation retires and Millennials become increasingly important in our companies, what does this mean for employers?

Are you LinkedIn?

by Dana Berry

I’m a huge believer in LinkedIn. Evidently 350 million others agree with me or least passively so by being registered with the site.

More Than Luck

by Dennis Wemyss


Another Four Letter Word

by Katy Bartlett

Last week while scrolling through my Facebook feed the headline of an article caught my attention. It read, “Google and Apple Alum Says Using This One Word Can Damage Your Credibility”. I was intrigued as to what word could have such power, so I took the bait and clicked on the link.

The Importance of Patience

by Lucie Pathmann

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a patient person. So, when I recently shredded my ACL and had reconstructive surgery, let’s just say, it wasn’t going to be easy.  What I found is that ACL recovery takes a long time and the physical therapy is very disciplined. You have to go slow and you have to have patience.

The Americans with Disabilities Act Celebrates 25 Years

by Jackie Warrick

This July marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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What’s Life If You Can’t Make Donuts?

by Camille Threats

Last year, my family and I suffered a sorrowful loss when my 47-year-old cousin was killed in a car accident. He was an amazing, caring father of two beautiful girls and loved being an OB-GYN doctor. None of us realized the magnitude of his work until numerous “thank you” cards and baby pictures were made into a collage for his funeral.

The Top 5 Skills for Successful Teams

by Bonnie Ward

Fast-paced work environments make it easy to get lost in your own train of thought, often allowing you to forget you are just one part of a large team of key players. You are not alone because this happens to everyone.

Why and How: Teaching Your Kids to Code this Summer

by Emily Reeves

Coding is the backbone of all computer programming, software, mobile apps and websites. It serves as the language that translates commands into technology taking action - whether it’s printing a document from a computer or making a character fly in a game on a tablet.

3 Things Survivor Taught Me About Success

by BJ Matthews

If you’re into reality television at all, you’re probably well-versed in all things Survivor. After airing its first season back in 2000, Survivor is currently in the midst of its 30th season. You read that right.

30 seasons.